The Willow Tree Boutique

Kerri - the Owner of the Willow Tree Boutique

I opened up The Willow Tree in December 2020-yes in the middle of a pandemic! Some people may have thought I was nuts for this, but little did they know it was what I needed to grieve the loss of my parents. My parents passed away in January 2019 due to a house fire. 12 hours apart... ANYONES worst nightmare...I lived. I am living it. My parents were my absolute everything. We were that close family that you don't see alot anymore. My parents were married almost 40 years before their passing.

It was my dream to always have a boutique store to help others feel better about themselves. I knew when I opened my boutique- I was grieving and needed to make my mind busy. When coming up with the name "The Willow Tree Boutique" my sister and I put our heads together, because I wanted it to be in memory of our parents. They were everything to me, and they are the reason I am who I am today. The Willow Tree in my logo represents new beginnings in every storm I have faced with grief. The two red birds in my logo represent my mom and my dad.

The Willow Tree Boutique

Everyday I wake up and face reality, but I am still so blessed with everything God has given me. I have a wonderful husband that is my rock. I have 4 precious, amazing children that are my world. I have so much to be thankful for even in the midst of my storm.

Someone once asked me how I could get my faith so strong from what I have been through.... I just do. I have had God get me through so many things in my life, so I know he is there. Even on my worst days where I question, kick and scream at him...HE IS THERE.

If you are gets easier. You will get through it. Grief is like waves. One day you are drowning, one day you are coming above water swimming so fast, one day you are actually floating above the water on a shakey float, and then there is another wave. BUT you will ride it out. Look for the signs, they are there.